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    Chery HuiYin Motor Finance Service Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2009. It is the first automobile finance joint venture created by a proprietary brand automobile manufacturer and a local bank, approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission after 9 foreign-funded automobile finance companies.
    The company upholds the management philosophy of “integrity, dedication, improvement, clean hands”keeps enriching its management experience and improving its financing techniques. It’s renowned in domestic automobile financing market as its features like low threshold, high efficiency, quality service, and etc.

    Company business

    Personal vehicle loans
    Individual vehicle loans are those issued by Chery HuiYin Motor Finance Service Co., Ltd. (“Chery Finance”) to natural persons purchasing new vehicles.
    General individual loans and customized individual loans are applicable at Chery Finance.
    General individual loans are provided by Chery Finance at a minimum down payment of 20%, with a maximum period of five years.
    Customized individual loans are those offered by Chery Finance based on market demands and by collaborating the general underwriter and sales service providers for designated vehicles or specified areas. Preferential interest rates and personalized repayments are available.

    Institutional vehicle loans
    Institutional vehicle loans are those offered by Chery Finance to legal persons (excluding sales and service providers) and other economic organizations for vehicle purchases. The institution vehicle loans are at a down payment of not less than 30%, with a loan period of no more than three years.

    Vehicle purchase loans
    Vehicle purchase loans are capital flow limits offered by Chery Finance to authorized Chery brand names (the underwriter) verified by first-level sales and service providers for vehicle purchases, which are subject to loan contracts; within the specified contract period, the loaner has access to multiple extractions, repayments, and repeated capital flow loan businesses. The vehicle purchase loans include new applications, renewal credits, supplements and release.

    Spare-parts loans
    Spare-parts loans are those offered by Chery Finance to spare-parts dealers and after-sale service providers for spare-parts purchases.