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    Used-vehicle loan

    Terms on used-vehicle retail loan

    1. Down payment:no less than 30% of the auto price.

    2. Loan period:longer than 1 year and shorter than 3 years (including exhibition).

    3. Vehicle type:Basic car.

    4. Vehicle condition: the sum of auto age should be less than 8 years, the sum of auto age and loan period should be less than 10 years. Auto age is calculated from the date of auto registration. The maximum mileage shall be less than 150,000 km when applying the loan.

    5. In case the auto has been transferred to the loan applicant, the date of application and the date of such transfer shall not be longer than one month.

    6. Insurance requirement: robbery and theft insurance, automobile physical damage insurance, and third party liability insurance are required. The insurance valid period shall be longer than 3 months when submitting loan payment documents.

    Application documents for used-vehicle retail loan

    1.Application documents

    (1)ID card;(2)Residence permit;(3)Income certificate;(4)Driving license; (5)Used-vehicle certificate

    2. Application Process