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    After the loan
    • 问:What’s the date of loan release?
      答:You will receive a message sent by the company to your phone. You may call the service hotline 400-615-5599 for inquiry or advise auto distributor.
    • 问:What is the date for the repayment from loan release? Which day is designated for the date of monthly repayment?
      答:The repayment date is the same calendar date of loan release. For example, if the loan is released in 1st January, the first repayment day is 1st February. The first day of every month thereafter is the repayment date. If the repayment date is not the same calendar date of loan release, then the last day of each month will be the repayment date.
    • 问:How to make the repayment every month?
      答:Deposit the monthly repayment to amount withheld bank account before the repayment date.
    • 问:What if I did not deposit the monthly repayment?
      答: 1. Default interest and compound interest are required according to contracts; 2. Credit records at the Central Bank are affected, and any of your loan applications in other financial institutions will be hindered.
    • 问:Why monthly repayment changes?
      答:The loan rates are based on the Central Bank benchmark interest rate. If the benchmark interest rate floats, your repayment will amount float. Detailed are subject to contracts.
    • 问: Is advanced repayment allowed? Is there any penalty or not?
      答:Advanced repayment is allowed. Please refer to the loan contract you have signed with the company. If you need the service, please connect service hotline 400-615-5599.
    • 问:How to get the vehicle registration certificate after paying up the loan?
      答:Please call the service hotlne 400-615-5599. The staff will send you relative documents.
    • 问:Can I transfer the auto to others during the loan period? What are formalities?
      答:Concerning that your vehicle has applied mortgage during the loan period, your are not entitled to such transfer. You may transfer the auto after repaying all the loan in advance and cancel the mortgage registration.
    • 问:What if phone number or address is changed during the loan period?
      答:Please timely call service hotline400-615-5599 for renewal of your change, so that you can receive updated loan information.
    • 问: If an automobile accident happened, how to apply for claim settlement?
      答:In case of an automobile accident, please inform service hotline 4006155599 of the date of accident and claim amount. Upon the issuance of related materials by the company, you may apply for a claim settlement at the insurance company. (In case you have filled out the first beneficiary on the insurance policy according the company’s latest insurance requirements, you may receive a claim payment from the insurance company by yourself, provided that the vehicle has not suffered total loss, theft and technical total loss)
    • 问:How to pay for vehicle insurance during the loan period?
      答:During the loan period, the automobile physical damage insurance, theft insurance and third-party liability insurance must be purchased in succession for your vehicle. The insurance policy particularly specifies that in case of total loss or robbery, the first beneficiary is Chery Huiyin Motor Finance Service Co., Ltd., and please email your commercial insurance policies to baoxian@cheryfs.cn after purchase. Thank you.
    • 问: How to apply for advanced repayment?
      答:To apply for advanced repayment, please call service hotline 4006155599 before 11:30 on work days, and deposit the full repayment amount at your repayment card account before 13:00. Afterwards, once the deduction the repayment is successful, related materials will be mailed to you from the next work day.
    • 问:Is there an SMS reminding for repayments?
      答:The company will remind you of the date of repayment and amount through message three days before the payment date. An SMS or telephone reminding of repayment failure is also applicable. Please timely call the service hotline 4006155599 for verification in case you have informed of the repayment failure. Kindly remind: please timely call the customer service if any of your contact information or bank card number is to be changed during the loan period.
    • 问:How to get a vehicle registration certificate applying for vehicle eco-mark and green mark, and how to get loan repayment certifications?
      答:Please call service hotline 400-615-5599, and relevant proof will be issued to your e-mail or address, provided that the loan period is not overdue.
    • 问:Due to subjective reasons such as a registration error at vehicle administration, modification of vehicle operation, or objective reasons such as stolen license plates, how to borrow the original vehi
      答:In the condition of not overdue, please timely contact the dealer. The borrowing of original vehicle registration certificate is applicable upon the dealer’s call at service hotline 400-615-5599.
    • 问:Is there a period of grace for the loan at the company?
      答:A period of grace for your loan is not available. Please timely repay for every period.
    • 问:Are there fees charged as commission in the loan, and fees for mortgage cancellation?
      答:The company will not charge you any fees but provide loan services to you. After the loan has been paid up, you may claim mortgage cancellation materials at the company and apply for such cancellation according to the regulations of local vehicle administration.
    • 问: Is any insurance renewal allowed at other insurance companies?
      答:As to insurance change during the loan period, you may consult the 4S store. The company has no requirements binding such renewal.
    • 问:How to interpret the repayment of average capital plus interest.
      答:The repayment of average capital plus interest specifies a monthly fixed installment payment, of which the capital is increased and the interest is decreased monthly.
    • 问:Will there be any reminder before the monthly deduction? How about after the deduction?
      答:If you have previously provided telephone number at the Chery Huiyin Motor Finance Service Co., Ltd., we will remind you three days prior to the date of repayment deduction by message. In case of successful deductions, there is no reminder message, while in case of failure, a kindly remainder message is available.
    • 问:How to deal with the situation if it is inappropriate to repay on the due date of repayment? Is the date allowed to be re-designated?
      答: Overdue fees will arise in case of such fail to deposit the adequate amount. However, before the date of deduction, if the normal deposit service at your repayment account is unavailable due to loss, theft, demagnetization or other special situations, please call the service hotline of Chery Finance in advance. The date of repayment thereafter takes effect based on your date of loan release, and will be recorded faithfully in the credit system of central bank and not allowed to change after taking effect.
    • 问:Which bank deducts loan repayments?
      答: The company’s cooperative banks for such deductions are ICBC, PSBC and ABC.
    • 问:Is a credit card applicable for loan repayments? How to change inter-bank repayment account?
      答:The company’s cooperative banks are ICBC, PSBC, ABC with debit cards, and credit cards are not applicable for the repayment. If the account of the deposit bank is to be changed during the loan period, you need to re-contact your dealer or call customer service to sign a renewal of fund transfer authorization, with your original identity card mailed to the company for such change.
    • 问: Can the deduction be made through the bank card of another person?
      答:Please provide a bank card opened with the vehicle owner’s identity card.
    • 问: Is the application of loan for other brand vehicles (not Chery) allowed?
      答: Yes, please advise specific car dealers for cooperative relations with the company.

    Before the loan
    • 问:Will the credit of the lender be uploaded at Chery Finance?
      答:The company is a non-banking financial institution. Loan and repayment information in the company will be uploaded to the credit system faithfully.
    • 问: Is vehicle mortgage needed in the auto loan in Chery Finance?
      答:Vehicle mortgage registration is needed in the company. The original copy of the registration is kept by our company.