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    One ID Card Starts an Era——Upgraded New Easy Loan 2016-08-02 09:04:00
    One ID Card starts a new era of “buying cars with loans”. In 2012, Chery Finance Service initiated the “Easy Loan”. One can apply for an automobile loan with an ID Card, really realizing“an ID Card in hand, worry-free car purchase”. Since the launching, Easy Loan Products have won praises from the market and the industry. At 2013 (the 4th) China Automobile Finance Annual Conference, “Easy Loan”won the title Best Automobile Financing Product of 2013 in China .Chery Finance Service always pays attention to customer demand and keeps improving its product policy to adapt to the market.

    2015 is a real year of growth for financial services. More and more customers realize the benefits of “financial services”to themselves and their families. Chery Finance Service is always guided by customer demand. Thus it upgraded “Easy Loan”Products, making them meet customers’ needs better. Chery Finance Service’s”Easy Loan” ——from now on, it’s easier to buy a car with a loan! Henceforth, you can get rid of the complicated application materials, inexplicable technical terms and tedious application formalities to enjoy the fun of having a car fast!
    Tricks of Easy Loan for you to experience:
    Trick 1: super simple formalities
    With an ID Card, you can get a loan to buy a car without preparing any other materials. We can really realize “on-the-spot car selection and loan application”。
    Trick 2: fast loan approval
    The fastest loan approval can be finished in 2 hours, giving you an efficient financing service experience. There’s no need to wait for the loan approval anxiously. We can really realize “loan approval in an instant, car delivery on the same day”
    Trick 3: zero down payment pressure br /> The minimum down payment equal to 30% of the full price breaks the regular 50% down payment proportion. With the same down payment, you can choose models of higher classes.
    Trick 4: bigger loans
    A down payment equal to 30% of the full price enjoys a maximum loan of RMB 60,000 Yuan; a down payment equal to 50% of the full price enjoys a maximum loan of RMB 100,000 Yuan. Bigger loans cover more models, including mainstream models like Tiggo5, Tiggo3, Zotye T600, and etc.
    In the second half of the year, the automobile market is booming. Various big brands, including Chery, have launched special offers. If you are planning to buy a car, now is the time. As a loan approval policy, Easy Loan applies to all our loan products and special offers. For details, please inquire of the local dealers.