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    A Smart Connected Car Loved by Young People, Chery Finance Service “Loans” to You 2015-10-30 10:53:00
    As young people’s requirements on the grade of automotive products improve, A0 automobile market’s competition becomes fiercer. Under the circumstances, it undoubtedly has become a focal point for car makers to bring the most satisfactory product experience at the most economical price for young consumers.
    Chery Finance Service’s financing program for Cowin is also very attractive: a 1-year length of maturity, one full payment on maturity, zero interest. There are also multiple favorable programs. Time of the special offer: Sept. 1, 2015- Dec. 31, 2015. For details, please inquire of the local dealers.

    A Smart Connected Car Loved by Young People
    As a young automobile brand, Cowin Auto has been welcomed by many young consumers since it was launched in the market with the concept “Cowin, A Smart Connected Car Loved by Young People”. To continue to meet consumers’ diverse needs, Cowin will launch new C3/C3R EMT models, to enter the A0 market at a price lower than RMB 60,000 Yuan, to become a new choice for young consumers with its all-powerful performance and worthy price.

    Cowin C3/C3R EMT adopts electric control mechanical automatic gear shift system, to replace manual operations like clutch release, clutch engagement, neutral gear, gear shift and synchronous engine adjustment with a microcomputer-controlled actuator, to realize complete gear shift automaton. The driver only needs to step on the accelerator. Gear shift is finished by the microcomputer according to the speed and optimal fuel-efficient timing. The whole actuator consists of a TCU module, a clutch actuator module, a gear shift actuator module and a shift manipulator.

    Compared with rival models, Cowin C3/C3R EMT is equipped with HD video parking, one-key vehicle locating, cruise control and other intelligent functions. Plus the more mature and reliable intelligent gear box, Cowin C3/C3R EMT undoubtedly will become a new choice for consumers.
    As a new generation product of Cowin Auto, Cowin C3/C3R EMT will become a new benchmark in the A0 market with its worthy price and all-powerful intelligent technology and performance.