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    High-quality, Breath-taking——Chery Tiggo 52015-10-30 17:51:00
    A star model of Chery——Tiggo 5 has exceptional qualities. Depending on its quality as good as models made by joint ventures, it was highly commended and regarded by the industry and media as soon as it appeared.

    Tiggo 5 of such a high cost performance matched with Chery Finance Service’s car purchase financing programs lets consumers feel Chery Finance Service’s high-quality humanized services. The length of maturity is long. The mode of repayment is flexible. Every consumer can make the optimal choice of loans according to their financial status. The minimum down payment is only 20% of the full price. The longest length of maturity is 5 years. In addition, one can choose a more flexible mode of repayment. Let’s take Balloon Loan 333 as an example. A consumer of 2.0DVVT/MT family version Tiggo 5 only needs to pay 30% of the full price as a down payment. The final payment is not more than 30% of the full price. The length of maturity is as long as 3 years. The comfort is not from the luxuries, but from the warmth like an embrace. New Tiggo 5 is trustworthy for its safety.
    An Exceptional Star Product
    Tiggo 5 is created by Chery’s forward system in line with international standard car making process. It realizes improvements in manufacturing quality, sensory quality and reliability. Tiggo 5 adopts the world advanced technology——Meisterbock&CubingMeisterbock & Cubing method usually adopted by models made by joint ventures, making its fine body, even seam processing, interior mounting show the high quality and craftsmanship as good as joint venture brands. Chery specially sets up a consumer-experience-oriented review board to carry out a comprehensive, careful, uncompromising, strict review on Tiggo 5, strictly following the perfect sensory quality evaluation system, including sight, smell, hearing, touch, etc.

    In reliability, Tiggo 5 passed the 2.8 million km reliability test on road, and the nearly 100,000h car reliability test; the finished car’s engineering development and quality checkup passed 9 strict tests, making Tiggo 5’s reliability really rival that of joint venture brands.