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    Chery Finance Service “Loans” You a Mobile Home 2014-02-21 11:11:04
            In recent years, automobile consumption gradually has entered common Chinese people’s homes, which provides automobile loans with a broad space for development. Meanwhile, Chinese people’s consumption habits are changing, too. Consumption on credit has become a lifestyle of young people. The automobile loan has become another priority after the house loan in individual consumption credit. Apart from first-time automobile buyers’ needs, many automobile owners also have the need to change and update their automobiles. When buying or changeing automobiles, more and more people begin to consider buying automobiles with loans.。
            According to the"Survey Report on Chinese Automobile Consumption on Credit in 2013”, 74.5% respondents approved of such a consumption pattern as buying automobiles with loans; more respondents born in the 1970s and 1980s approved of buying automobiles with loans; they thought buying automobiles with loans could effectively alleviate the pressure on cash flow, save capital for other investments while satisfying the need for automobiles. It’s thus clear that Chinese automobile credit market’s space for development is huge. Automobile credit is facing unprecedented opportunities.
            At present, the channels to get automobile loans in the market mainly include: bank loan, credit card installment payment, automobile finance company. By comparison, to get a bank loan, the formalities are complicated, the threshold of approval is high, and the time taken is long. Plus the problem that automobile loans once were enslaved to banks’ hard liquidity for a time, many consumers turn to other ways of getting loans. If one chooses credit card installment payment for buying automobiles, the length of maturity usually is short, about 2-3 years, which will bring excessive pressure on payment by installments and affect the automobile buyer’s normal quality of life. As a result, the automobile loan services provided by Chery HuiYin Motor Finance Service Co., Ltd. are the optimal choice for consumers. They can meet customers’ need for upgraded automobile consumption.
            Chery Finance Service’s automobile loans are easy to apply. It can be finished in a one-stop 4S store. Our sales staff will provide services throughout the process. Meanwhile, our various loan products can meet different consumers’ needs. The minimum down payment is from 20% of the full price; the longest length of maturity is 5 years; the mode of repayment is flexible; the promotional products are rich. In addition, our policy for loan approval is flexible. There’s no requirement for household registration or house property ownership. The loan approval is efficient. We can give an official written reply on the day of application. Our loan granting is efficient and timely. Eligible customers can get the loan in a workday. In 2013, Chery launched the product “Easy Loan”and realized“an ID Card in hand, worry-free car purchase”, At 2013 (the 4th) China Automobile Finance Annual Conference, “Easy Loan”won the title Best Automobile Financing Product of 2013 in China 。
             2014In 2014, we would provide you with better automobile loan services. Chery Finance Service “loans”you a mobile home.